James Bond Fun Casino

James Bond and Casinos go together like Champagne and Strawberries – the two are inextricably linked, and so it’s no surprise that we are often booked to bring our casio tables to James Bond theme parties. James Bond parties are a lot of fun, and they are a brilliant idea for milestone birthdays and anniversary parties, because most people dress in tuxedos and evening dresses, so there’s a real sense of occasion.

When it comes to charisma and sophistication, there really isn’t any other character as cool as James Bond, and his appeal has so far spanned across five decades. It’s little wonder that James Bond is such a popular party theme. It’s so easy to throw a James Bond Night and you can be sure all your guests will dress to impress! You can easily turn a Fun Casino Night into a James Bond Night with a few simple ideas:

These are just a few of the great ideas that can be used to make your James Bond party a huge success. Harlequin Fun Casino offer venue decoration and additional entertainment for all theme parties. Drop us an email today if you’re organising a James Bond theme party or you’re thinking about creating a similar theme. We’ve got all the props and decorations you need to transform your venue and make it look fantastic!