Come & Meet Us! Our Summer/Autumn Wedding Fair Schedule

Hi Again!

Today’s post is just a little update on the wedding fairs that we have booked to attend over the next upcoming months. 

Wedding fairs are the perfect way to meet suppliers in person, have a proper chat & ask all the questions you may have about your special day.

We highly recommend attending them when organising your wedding, and can also massively recommend meeting us if you plan to book our beautiful tables! This allows you to actually meet us, get a bit of a feel for Harlequin, our ethos and how we work. You get to see the tables and fun money in person. But most importantly, we get to build a bit of a relationship with you; putting faces to names before the big day is always easier for both you and us!


You’ll notice the majority of the wedding fairs we attend are with the lovely guys at PMN Wedding Fayres. (

We can’t recommend their fayres enough. They have some fabulous venues on their books, exhibit some amazing suppliers & always create a welcoming friendly atmosphere. It’s a wedding community that we are so proud to be a part of.



Sunday 2nd July 2017 – Coldeast Mansion

11:00 am – 3:00 pm
£2.00 per person entry fee (children free)

Coldeast Mansion
Coldeast Way, 
SO31 7YD




Sunday 17th September 2017 – Old Thorns Manor Hotel 
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
£2.00 per person entry fee (children free)

Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Golf & Country Estate
Griggs Green
GU30 7PE




Sunday 15th October 2017 – Lainston House
11:00 am – 3:00 pm
£2.00 per person entry fee (children free)

Lainston House Hotel
Woodman Lane, Sparsholt
SO21 2LT




Sunday 29th October 2017 – New Place11:30 am – 3:30 pm
£2.00 per person entry fee (children free)

New Place
Shirrell Heath
SO32 2JH






Keep an eye out for an update on the spring fairs we’ll be attending later in the year!

We hope to meet you soon. 





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Evening Entertainment for Your Wedding


Blackjack at a Wedding Reception

If you’re planning a wedding, you will probably be feeling snowed under with hundreds of ideas and inspirations on how to make your big day the best you can. There are countless ways to style your wedding, and thousands of different things that can be done to make your day unique and memorable for you and your guests.

When it comes to evening entertainment for your wedding, the chances are, if you haven’t already booked a DJ/Band/Singer, then you probably will be doing so at some point in the not too distant future. A wedding reception without music is like a wedding cake without icing – Just plain wrong! At a wedding reception, the bride, the bridesmaids, the bride’s friends, sisters and colleagues and all the kids will dance until their feet fall off! And what young girl can resist racing to the dance floor when they hear the first few bars of “Saturday Night!” (Unless of course, you have cleared it with the DJ to avoid cheese at all costs… I highly recommend it myself!)

So that’s quite a certain percentage of your guests catered for, but what about those who are unlikely to want to dance on the night? There are always a large number of guests who, for many various reasons, will not want to get up and make shapes on the dance floor, no matter how many glasses of wine or beer they have consumed! Chances are, your Dad, Uncle Jeff, Grandad and the groom’s work buddies will sit at their tables for the next four hours, regularly filling their pint glasses and fiddling with their wedding favours until the DJ calls “Time-at-the-bar.” If you want to ensure that they have a fabulous time too, you might consider having a wedding fun casino to keep them thoroughly entertained? Even if they are unsure of the rules, our professional croupiers will be only too happy to teach them how to play in next to no time. When it comes to some fun gambling there are judi online platforms that have a variety of games that one can try out.  It doesn’t matter where we take our fun casino tables, whether they feature at weddings, fund raisers, parties or birthday’s the atmosphere that surrounds the tables whilst in play is always the same… ELECTRIC! People are shouting, whooping, commiserating and laughing together. If your guests don’t know each other, it’s the perfect way to get them to interact. Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition, and because the money is not real, it’s all just for good fun!

A wedding fun casino is the best fun these anti-dancers will have ever have had at a wedding, that much is nearly guaranteed!